Wednesday, February 15, 2017


An has been doing gymnastics for quite some time now and I never video tape her because she is funny like that...but her current studio/site is closing down, so I got one video today of her doing a new trick....don't ask me what it is called....I forget!!! 
It is not the best quality (no shock there) but at least you can see her do her trick; hope you enjoy!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mardi Gras

Eric and I had the chance this past weekend to head down to Baton Rouge to see his Aunts and Uncles and several of their children/wives/kids, etc.  It was LOTS of fun and we actually took a picture - a rarity for us!  A&A stayed home with Eric's Mom and had LOTS of fun playing with their Uncles and an Aunt.  Eric's Dad is in the hospital so they all went to see him to help him feel better soon!!  Clearly A&A did not miss Mom & Dad one bit!!!
After I saw this picture, I realized we are getting old .... how did that happen!?!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


So we decided to sign Austin up for a local Cotillion group this year; he said he was not a big fan of it, but that's okay - we thought they did a good job reinforcing things we try to teach him at home.  The last night of the Cotillion was yesterday and at the very end, the kids dance with their parents of the opposite gender to "show them their dance moves" .... HA!! Eric thought these were worth documenting - not sure either of us really knew what to do!!!
In theory, he is showing me how to do the ChaCha here - it was so hard not to laugh hysterically at his instructions - just being honest ;0

At least we got a good picture together - as you can see from the room in the background - it was a FULL house!!  There were something like 170 5th grade kids from two of the local elementary schools who were in his group.

In the end, the best part for the boys was getting to dress up and hang out with their friends - Austin and the other boy in this picture, Braden, have been great friends since Kindergarten so it was fun to see how much they have changed over the years.  And I almost fell down when I saw how happy Austin was to take this picture with Ansley in it too; I thought maybe he was not feeling very good - but then a friend reminded me that smiling was something they had worked on in the Cotillion classes - duh Mom!!!

Side note, when the kids were dancing with each other, the most bizarre thing would happen...the lion's share of the boys would NOT look at the girls and the girls would make eye contact when they first started holding the boys hands, but then very quickly they too stopped looking at them - as you can kind of see from the picture above, Austin, his dance partner, and even the boy to his right are staring off into another direction - of course, when asked about this, Austin claimed it was because he did not want to look at the girls and he was watching/talking to his friends to his left - but Oh My Goodness - it was SO FUNNY!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Austin is feeling much better - he seems to have gotten over his little bit with pneumonia - so we are all doing quite better!!

His grade goes to the symphony every year during the Fall and all of the 5th graders get dressed up....Austin wanted to wear his suit, so here he is (smile)!!!  Ignore the fact his shirt is un-tucked at the bottom of his jacket - I had run out of time that morning to take his picture, so this was his after school was over, just got off the hot bus pic!!

Monday, October 17, 2016


Since this is basically my baby book for our kiddos, I feel I have to make this entry (sad, sad face)....Austin has pneumonia.  He officially got diagnosed yesterday at the Urgent Care clinic after asking to go to the hospital.....Mom of the Year award right here!!!  No one can take that award away from me now!!!  You know it is bad when your kid actually asks to go to the hospital.  He has been home with a fever from school since last Tuesday.  Needless to say, he, I, and Eric are ready for him to go back to school.

More with a view

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cardboard Village

This fall, Austin's Target class got to use their creativity and design a cardboard village, much like what Caine did in his arcade ... well, after bringing lots and lots of cardboard boxes to school, Austin and his classmates came up with City Hall as their contribution to the Cardboard Village.
He worked with his friend Charlie from cub scouts to build City Hall
Those are obviously Texas trees in front of the building ;0
Friends Hayden and Michael built a gas station and convenience store....they ended their week with a trip to Canstruction - a very cool idea to inspire recycling and creativity.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas Card pictures

Thank goodness Christmas comes just once a year as that is about as often as Eric and I can get our acts together and get the kids dressed and in great moods to go take pictures somewhere.....coming soon to a mailbox near just have to guess which one made it......